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Co. Registration No: 2007/184866/23

VAT No: 4590185916

BEE Level 4 Compliant


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Waist-portable radio remote control

SFERA is a waist portable radio for applications requiring a large number of controls; it can mount up to 3 double-axis joysticks, in combination with selectors (up to 5) or buttons (on request). It is possible also to have a configuration with 20 selectors/buttons. It has an integrated belt allowing use with a single hand. The compact and convenient shape allows the operator to enjoy a comfortable usage even for long periods. The case is made of sturdy ABS. SFERA uses GENIO electronics, very reliable and easy to be maintained. Labeling is customizable (option). The standard package includes: transmitter, receiver, battery charger, 2 rechargeable batteries, waistbelt, user manual.

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Transmitter Protection Level


Receiver Protection Level


Transmitter Dimensions

234 x 156 x 141 mm

Receiver Dimensions

170 x 500 x 90 mm

Transmitter Weight

1,1 Kg

Working Temperature

-20°C to +55°C

Voltage Applicable to the contacts

Max 30 Vdc

Operating distance

150 m

ISM band working frequency

433, 100-434, 790 MHz

Autonomy at 20 °C

Approx. 20 hours